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Kosta Browne is ready to crush the 2013 vintage in new, custom built winery.

via Wines & Vines — Andrew Adams
September 1, 2013

In winemaking, as in many of life’s other pursuits, it’s the simple things that often matter the most. Michael Browne, winemaker and one of the founders of Sonoma County’s Kosta Browne Wines, knew he wanted the company’s new winery to have three things: barrel storage, hot water hose stations and drains. The new Kosta Browne winery at The Barlow development in Sebastopol, Calif., has 9,000 square feet of temperature-controlled and well-lit barrel storage space, 37 Strahman hose stations with hot and cold water and compressed air and drains in every corner of the production areas.

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