Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are perhaps the finest lens through which to view this land, and we are committed with every bottle to tell the story of California’s most sought-after wines. We invite you to explore the most celebrated winemaking regions of the state below.

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The Regions

Since the very start of our winemaking journey, we’ve been obsessed with seeking out the finest appellations and vineyards as the sources for our wines. From Anderson Valley in the north to the Sta. Rita Hills in the south, each wine is artfully crafted with the intention of producing thought-provoking and inspiring wines.

Each wine is magnificent in its own profound way. They are the best of the best from our cellar, made to pass the test of time, and to stand alongside the world’s finest Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.”

Julien Howsepian, Winemaker

russian river valley pinot

Anderson Valley

Our most northerly growing region and one that is decidedly wild. Centered on the town of Boonville, Anderson Valley offers steep hillsides, rocky terrain and exposures that push vines to their limits. The estate property, the Cerise Vineyard, is our focal point for the valley. We’ve been long-time fans of the region and are thrilled to now be winegrowers here ourselves.


Estate Series
Cerise Vineyard

russian river

Russian River Valley

There can be many differences between vineyards in this small appellation, but the majority of them do share a common influence – the cooling effect that follows the Russian River inland from the Pacific coast. This fog helps keep nights cool and offers vines a respite from daytime temperatures. In turn, these diurnal temperature swings slow down ripening and promote more evolved flavors in our grapes. We work with vineyards that span a diverse and varied view into a region that many would call the heartland of California Pinot Noir.


Single Vineyard Series
El Diablo
Giusti Ranch
Keefer Ranch

Estate Series
Treehouse Vineyard
Bootlegger’s Hill

sonoma coast

Sonoma Coast

An area that overlaps with the Russian River Valley in many places and whose true qualities are similarly shaped by the ocean. Local geology can be complex here, a direct result of being located at the intersection of two tectonic plates. We find ourselves drawn to vineyards that are influenced by the ocean and consistently reflect this in the quality of the fruit they produce.


Single Vineyard Series
Thorn Ridge Ranch
Gap’s Crown Vineyard

santa lucia highlands

Santa Lucia Highlands

Located on the eastern slopes of the coastal range that shelters the fertile Salinas Valley from Big Sur, this appellation is relatively new, with the first vineyards being developed only in the 1970s. Surprisingly, this appellation is generally cooler than Russian River Valley, largely due to the ocean breezes and fog coming in from Monterey Bay. The vineyards are sheltered by the coastal range that limits rainfall. Pinot Noir excels on these hillsides – which is why our travels took us here.


Single Vineyard Series
Rosella’s Vineyard
Garys’ Vineyard
Pisoni Vineyard

santa rita hills

Sta. Rita Hills

The quest for great Pinot Noir and Chardonnay brought us to our most southern growing region on the hillsides of Santa Rita. This appellation features one of the most defined transverse ranges on the Pacific Coast, comprised of mountains that, over time, have risen out of the ocean.

Soils here limit vine vigor and crop yield, and we find wines from this area have natural acidity balanced by firm structure. The unique East/West hillsides funnel ocean air to the vineyards, making this one of the world’s premium cool-climate viticulture areas for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.


Single Vineyard Series
Mt. Carmel
Rita’s Crown


Cellaring Your KB Wines

cellar ring

Our wines are crafted for you to enjoy at your leisure upon release or will age gracefully in your cellar for three to five years. We suggest storage in a dark environment between 55°F and 60°F, with 70% humidity to preserve the most delicate nuances of each bottle.