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Kosta Browne Appellation Wines

2018 Sonoma Coast, Pinot Noir

The Western Edge Personified

Facts of Note


7% aged in concrete


Cooler sites had long hang times & were picked last


4% whole cluster

With idyllic weather from start to finish, 2018 was one of the finest growing seasons of the past decade. Each wine within the Appellation Series embodies the unique qualities we cherish from the regions we work with.

The Sonoma Coast appellation overlaps with that of the Russian River Valley in many places and is similarly shaped by the ocean. Local geology can be complex here, a direct result of being located on the intersection of two tectonic plates. For this wine, we find ourselves drawn to vineyards that are particularly influenced by the Pacific Ocean and are fortunate to work with some spectacular sites. Together, they form a singular wine that is distinctively Sonoma Coast.

The vineyards we source from lie in both the southern portion of the appellation and in the northern true coastal zone. In the southern area, the Petaluma Wind Gap and the San Pablo Bay drive cooler temperatures and provide us with deep flavors and richly textured wines. The vineyards from the coastal reaches contribute savory and spice characteristics that we love as well as great structure and poise. This year, the cooler sites such as Marshall and Balletto were able to have long hang times and were the last to be picked. The fruit had excellent development of tannins and dark, rich fruit profiles. Blackberry and raspberry complemented the great depth and long finish.

2018 Sonoma Coast  - Kosta Browne Winery


Marshall, Gap’s Crown, Thorn Ridge, Kanzler, Balletto Burnside, Balletto Watertrough
115, 667, Swan, 114, 777, 828, 23, Pommard


77% stainless steel open tops / 12% concrete open tops / 5% wood open tops / 4% foudre / 4% whole cluster
35% new French oak for 16 months / 7% concrete tank for 5 months / 1% wood tank for 5 months
5.47 g/L


Nose: Alluring notes of blackberry, blueberry, and rich raspberry.

Mouth: Bold entry, followed by great tension, focus, a malleable structure, and a long finish.