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Kosta Browne Appellation Wines

2018 Russian River Valley, Pinot Noir

A Heartland for California Pinot Noir

Facts of Note


Minimal irrigation due to ample rain


2% fermented in concrete open tops


4% whole cluster

With idyllic weather from start to finish, 2018 was one of the finest growing seasons of the past decade. Each wine within the Appellation Series embodies the unique qualities we cherish from the regions we work with.

There are many differences between vineyards in this small appellation, but the majority of them do share a common influence – the cooling effect that follows the Russian River inland from the Pacific coast. The resulting fog helps keep nights cool and offers vines a respite from daytime temperatures. In turn, these diurnal temperature swings slow down ripening and promote more evolved flavors in our grapes.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with many great vineyards that span a diverse and varied view into a region that many would call the heartland of California Pinot Noir. Our goal is to create a wine that showcases the essence of this magical appellation. This year, it was the latest harvest in the last five years. But, no matter the vintage, there is often a recognizably full mouthfeel and texture to the wines from the area - a common thread to the components of this blend. The round, spherical entry showcases the bramble and black cherry notes of this wine. A totally complete Pinot Noir.

2018 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir - Kosta Browne Winery


Winner's Circle, Laguna Valdez, Klopp Laguna, Zio Tony, Silver Eagle, Pratt Sexton, Jenkins, Moonshine, Bootlegger’s Hill, Giusti, Treehouse, Keefer Ranch
115, Calera, Swan, 777, Pommard, 828, 37, 667, 23, Elite, 113, 2A


72% Stainless steel open tops / 7% wood open tops / 2% concrete open tops / 4% whole cluster
31% new French oak for 15 months / 5% concrete for 5 months
5.75 g/L


Nose: Raspberry bramble, black cherry, subtle touch of vanilla.

Mouth: Round, spherical entry, balanced with inspiring texture.